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Annual IAP Grant In Pathology for Medical Schools



The IAP is dedicated to the advancement of Pathology through educational exchanges worldwide. The fundamental role of the IAP is to provide access to the vast store of valid, currently authenticated, and trusted knowledge for questioning minds. The Australasian Division of the IAP is instrumental in effecting pathology education in the Australasian region.

This grant aims to support broadening the engagement of medical students with Pathology in our region.


1. One grant will be made available annually to the parent Medical School of a university in Australia or New Zealand.

2. The grant, in the sum of $1,000, will be offered to a student undertaking the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (M.B.B.S) or Doctor of Medicine (MD) (or equivalent) degree course.

3. The grant will be offered annually for an activity associated with Promoting pathology, jointly developed by a university medical student and a pathologist or pathology registrar in Anatomical Pathology who is a financial member of the Australasian Division of the IAP.

4. The successful applicant will be selected on a competitive basis by the IAP Executive, evaluating an outline of the proposed project, not exceeding 200 words. The grant is judged on the feasibility as well as on the ability to promote anatomical pathology in clinical practice – e.g., by video or in social media, or promote medical students to choose anatomical pathology as a career in medicine, etc.

5. The proposal should include how the activity promotes the education and practice of Anatomical Pathology. Research projects in medical sciences/pathology will not be funded.

6. A formal report on the project must be provided after one year of funding being granted. The progress report of the 2021 scholarship winner’s report can be downloaded by clicking here.

7. Previously successful medical students are not eligible to re-apply.


  1. Applicants need to get signature from an IAP financial member for supporting the application. Please check the next page.
  2. The applicant must seek supervision of pathologist(s) or pathology registrar(s) who is an anatomical pathology registrar or anatomical pathologist and is a financial member of the Australasian Division of the IAP during development and application of the grant.  The supervisors should agree to oversee the project and sign on the report to IAP after the completion of the project.
  3. The project should be achievable to finish within one year on granting.  Report should be provided to the IAP executive committee.  Failure to submit the report may require return of the grant to the IAP.
  4. The grant is awarded to the successful medical student at a lump sum.  IAP does not monitor the use of the grant and will not top up the grant if the activities, incidentals or project expenses involve more than $ 1,000.


Download the template for the University Grant Supporting Letter by clicking here