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Vincent McGovern Lectures

2021 – Professor Stephen Fox
2021- Anatomical pathology meets molecular pathology: evolution or revolution?

2019 – Associate Professor Wendy Cooper
2019: A Tissue Odyssey – A1, Biomarkers and Beyond

2018 – Associate Professor Elizabeth Salisbury
Precision Medicine – Empowering Cytology in the 21st Century

2017 – Professor Anthony Gill
Morphologomics??? Where does good old surgical pathology fit into the brave new world?
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2016 – Professor Fiona Bonar
“Musculoskeletal pathology: Current Concepts”
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2015 – Professor Paul Michael Waring
“Peronalised Medicine – the triumphs and the challenges”
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2014 – Professor Sunil Lakhani
“Pathology – is it really on the slide?”
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2013 – Professor Richard Scolyer
“Unravelling the riddle of melanoma: Progress to date and prospects for the future”
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2012 – Professor Elaine S. Jaffe
“The Microscope as a Tool for Disease Discovery”
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2011 – Associate Professor David Ellis
“Epstein Barr Virus – The Enemy Within”
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2010 – Associate Professor Michael Bilous
“Breast Pathology – Old Problem and New Solutions”
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2009 – Professor Douglas W Henderson
“The pleura as problem and paradigm”

2008 – Professor C Soon Lee
“Fibroepithelial tumours of Breast: Epithelial Chats and Stromal (Iemma) Handshakes”

2007 – Professor Alistair Burt
“Liver Fibrosis”

2006 – Dr Warwick Delprado
“Strangers in a strange land – An Australian’s perspective of genitourinary pathology”

2005 – Dr Dominic Spagnolo.
“The dark side of innate and adaptive immunity – cytotoxic and dendritic cell lymphomas”
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2004 – No Annual Scientific Meeting held

2003 – Prof Brett Delahunt, Wellington, New Zealand.
“Renal Neoplasia: WHO 2003. The Increasing Influence of Molecular Pathology”
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2002 – Dr Stanley McCarthy
Inaugural Vincent McGovern Lecture
“Changing Perspectives in Melanocytic Lesions”
(Dr McCarthy chosen by Dr Eckstein as regarded as Dr McGovern’s successor in the field of melanoma pathology)

2001 – Dr Lawrence Weiss
“The Molecular Biology of Hodgkin’s Disease”

2001 – Annual Board Meeting 8.3
“Dr Spagnolo noted that the Vince McGovern Lecture had not been given on a regular basis in recent years, and suggested the Plenary Lecture could be named the Vincent McGovern Plenary Lecture. Discussion followed and agreed that the inaugural “Vincent McGovern Plenary Lecture” begin in 2002.”

1993 – Dr S G Silverberg
“Pathology of the Female Peritoneum”

1991 – Dr D E Elder
“Tumour Progression in Melanoma”

1989 – Dr H Goldman
“Dysplasia and Carcinoma in Inflammatory Bowel Disease”

1988 – Dr S W Weiss
Vincent McGovern Lecture: “Vascular tumours: A deductive approach to diagnosis”

1985 – Professor B Corrin
Vincent McGovern Keynote Address: “Interstitial Lung Disease”